Elite & Pre-ElitE

Our program is limited to a few athletes only.  The focus is performance in small boats and meeting the athletes international goals or prepping athletes to make a National Team Camp. This is not age restrictive. We have athletes as young as 17 and as old as 33.

Target Athlete:

  • Seasoned International competitors interested in a new training location coaching style, or an experienced successful training system.
  •  By Invitation or Application: Less seasoned athletes that have the "right ingredients" to be successful on the top National and International Level.

Interested athletes should contact Conal Groom- conal@seattlerowingcenter.com 

Boats and Equipment

1x’s, 2-/x‘s, 4x or 4-.  We focus exclusively on small boats. Sykes, Hudson, Fluid and Van Dusen make up most of  our fleet.

Rack space will be provided at no additional charge if you would like to bring your own 1X.

Oars- Dreher, Concept II, and Braca make up most of our stock.

Land Training Equipment- Row Perfect's, Ergs, Spinbikes, Dyno's, Weights.

We use state of the art equipment, testing protocol, and tools to maximize performance.


Local, regional, and national races in the fall, spring and summer to test our fitness, race strategies and keep ourselves race sharp.

The winter is focused on base training, though we establish inter and intra boathouse scrimmages as a means of progress assessment.


$150  per month,  plus Regatta  and Travel Costs.


The training schedule is designated by Head Coach Conal Groom and will change with the seasons and is dependent on individual goals.