SRC’s approach to rowing finds itself rooted in the stands of International Championships at the Junior, U-23, and Senior levels. The success of the European countries, especially at the Junior and U-23 level, is remarkable in its consistency year in and year out. Over the course of five years, the conversations between parent and coach evolved. In Spring of 2010 an opportunity presented itself to open a boathouse in Seattle utilizing the same time-tested approach to rowing development as is used throughout Europe.

August 9, 2010 our doors opened… August 10, 2010 we had talented youth rowing off our docks, and began our journey to establish an alternative to the US status quo for rowing development. Today, our programs and Junior Racing Team are growing and the buzz surrounding our opening is getting louder.

Time is always the ultimate judge.  As we execute our plan, and refine our processes we hope that parents will seek us out for an alternative sport for their children, and that teenagers/young adults will be drawn to our unique culture, mission, and commitment to their development.

August 2016 Update- In the last six years the size of our Junior Team has grown from 5 to 46. Our summer camps session have grown from an average of 12 athletes to this year’s average of 35. Most telling has been our success on the race course. We will let you evaluate for yourself if our approach and strategies are working.

 Regn'l 1stsRegn'l Medals (2nd & 3rd)Boats Qual'd for Nat'sNat'l 1stsNat'l Medals (2nd & 3rd)NW Pts Trophy (2014 on)Team SizeNat'l TeamsIntnat'l Medals
2014137741Men's & Women's325


To produce athletes who win national and international rowing championships on the Junior, U23, Senior and Olympic stages.


To build a boathouse filled with young, eager, and passionate rowers.

Development Philosophy

SRC’s culture is designed to develop our athletes to their full capacity physically, technically, mentally, and socially. Most importantly, we want everyone who rows here to feel appropriately challenged and fully supported. We want our athletes to look forward to walking through our doors each practice.

Action Plan

Our model is European:

Start early, size equipment appropriately, focus on small boats, introduce competition equivalent to skill and physiology, and think globally.

Our youngest athletes will be guided through “organized play” developing boat feel and the equivalent of “street smarts” on the water.  Should they choose to row competitively the pay off will be significant. In the meantime they will have fun and experience first hand a magical side of Seattle.

Our Junior Racing Team and beyond athletes are asked to show up each day for practice ready to work hard and play harder. They will test their perceived limits and support their teammates in doing the same.

Our strategies on and off the water will be focused on developing tough minded, self disciplined, motivated athletes capable of both leading and following with skill and security.

Our relentless pursuit for technical proficiency and maximum fitness is a cornerstone of our success.



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